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Virtual Backpack

Welcome to District 200’s Virtual Backpack service.  We are “going green” by using this eco-friendly system for distributing informational materials to District 200 families about opportunities that are available for them and their children outside of school.  Instead of sending paper copies home with students in their backpacks and folders, we will post the information on this web page for all to see. 

This process not only saves paper and helps protect the environment.  It also saves money in production costs and time needed to sort and handle the materials.  No more risk of information getting lost or misplaced either.

A limited number of print copies provided by the requesting organization will also be available in each school for anyone who does not have Internet access.

RSS Feed

The RSS feed for this page is an easy way to stay informed of new postings on the Virtual Backpack.  Please click here for more information on RSS.

To Post Materials to the District 200 Virtual Backpack

Materials eligible for publication on the Virtual Backpack include activities and events sponsored by non-profit and not-for-profit groups, intergovernmental agencies and other approved community organizations.  The text of the material must be geared toward providing services for children and families within the District 200 community.  Those wishing to submit information to be posted must do so electronically by emailing a completed Request Form and a PDF of the flier to Lynn Mohan, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent at least 10 days in advance of the posting date.  Prior to submitting, please read the complete details described in the Posting Guidelines.  Organizations may also be asked to submit a Verification of Nonprofit Status form. 

We hope that you will support District 200’s efforts to be good stewards of the environment and that you will find this service helpful.

Materials posted on this page are the responsibility of the organization represented.  Distribution is for the convenience of students and families and does not imply endorsement by Woodstock Community Unit School District 200.

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