Human Resources

D200 Employees Recognized for Service

More than 1000 total years of hard work were recognized recently at the District’s annual back-to-school kick-off meeting for all staff.  Fifty-seven staff members from all areas of the district were recognized and thanked for their contributions.  Special congratulations went to Kirk Benda, Joy Fister, Kathy Shea and Tom White, for 30 years of service.  Please see “Read more” below for photos and a listing of all who were honored.

2016 Employee Service Awards

2016 Service Awards - 15 Years, Group 1            2016 Service Awards - 15 Years, Group 2
15 Years, Group 1
Row 1, Left to Right:
Denise Clark, Betsy Campbell, Sandy Bennin
Row 2, Left to Right: Lee Evans, Lisa Beard, Sandi Brainard, Megan Coleman

15 Years, Group 2
Row 1, Left to Right:
Kim Hoey, Gail Head, Paige Kohley
Row 2, Left to Right: Susan Mancera, Sarah Kozlowski, Joanne Sotiroff, Nancy Downes

2016 Service Awards - 15 Years, Group 3   2016 Service Awards - 20 Years, Group 1

15 Years, Group 3
Row 1, Left to Right:
Debby Bruchsaler, Mickey Olhava, Jack Walsdorf
Row 2, Left to Right: Sue Malley, Gina Marquardt, Jason Stock, Cindy Palmer
15 Years, Not Pictured:  Jose Esparza, Jacqueline Hagenow,